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Custom Wix Web Design

Everyone wishes for a great website and free website builders now let you do the job yourself with minimum hassles involved. However, creating an attractive yet functional website requires proper designing skills and lack of expertise can give you highly unsatisfactory results. At, we offer you custom Wix website design at a pocket-friendly price that ensures you have a professional website that matches your needs and also satisfies your users.


In the last few years, we have handled a lot of projects that range from start-up to Fortune 500 websites – meeting client expectation with a 95% success rate. We use a vast array of Wix templates for our client websites and customize them as per requirements to suit preferences. This helps our designers cut down on time, energy and cost – which are essential to provide you with fast, rich and economical services.


Most of our competitors offer standard WordPress or Joomla websites that do well but create little impression on users. Atwood ensures that you get attractive but fully practical designs that:

  • Give your website a unique appearance

  • Highlight your on-page SEO efforts

  • Make your website mobile-friendly

  • Make your website suitable for any social networking campaigns you plan to have.


If you wish to improve on our custom Wix website design, you can further fine tune your site layout in future with the many Wix tutorials available online. That gives you more power and freedom to customize your website, which can be a simple portfolio consisting of a few pages or a complicated website that works on multiple levels.


Get your website the proper look and feel that it deserves and give your business an appropriate start. Whether you have a start-up or a full-fledged business, we can give you the perfect designs customized to your budget and needs.

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