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A Great Website is Only The First Step to Brilliant Digital Marketing

Sure, pretty designs and trendy looks are important. We love a stylish website with just the right mix of bold typography and bright, beautiful images, but what’s more important is clear marketing messages and distinct actionable items combined with a solid digital marketing strategy.

Here’s our top 6:

Is your website confusing visitors? Can someone tell what you do in 3 seconds? Even if you think the answer is yes, ask around. Ask employees, family, friends, or even networking contacts. Visitors attention spans are short - if they don’t know what you do in 3 seconds, they won’t bother to ‘Learn More’ or ‘Click to Read’.

Can visitors find your phone number? Fast is the name of the game. Can visitors find your phone number on the top of the page? Even if you don’t want a call, but rather a form filled out or an email sent - the same applies. Get that info on the top of the page.

Are you using SEO? Having a stunning website is just the first step. If no one sees it - how is it marketing for you? Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get your website found on the search engines is important. SEO will also help you get found higher in the search engine results when done right.

Do you have a local strategy? Do you have an office location? Does your business depend on people coming into your storefront? If you answered yes, then it’s even more important than ever to be listed on Google Maps, Bing Maps and Apple Maps. These ‘maps’ are quickly becoming the easiest way for someone to find you, learn more about you, read reviews, and visit your location. If you aren’t on maps, stop what you’re doing right now and get on this! Chances are, someone who go online will see your maps listing before they ever see your website. That means having a listing AND keeping it up-to-date with pictures, recent reviews, holiday hours and a menu or services listing is crucial. What’s going on with your Social Media? Do you have a social media account? When was the last time you posted? Social media is the easiest way to make a referral between contacts, friends and family. Pass a business card is great - but it’s faster to text, type and share. That means the first thing someone sees is your social media page. An outdated, old and sloppy social media page can make the wrong first impression. If you use social media, keep it updated. Better to not be there, than have a sloppy first impression. Where are your competitors being found online? Every industry has unique customer searching and buying habits online. If you don’t know exactly what they are, start by looking at where your competitors are being found online. It’s a good idea to be found in similar place. Are they on Google Ads? Yelp? Home Improvement Contractors Lists?

While we love new, fresh beautiful websites, if that website and digital marketing isn’t working together to get you increased business, it’s just a pretty picture. If you need help taking your digital strategy to new heights, drop us a line . We’d love to partner with you!

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