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Top 5 Myths of Web Design

Web design can be a confusing topic, and it gets complicated when you take into account there are quite a few myths touted online as fact. I wanted to address the most common web design myths and the reality behind them.

1. Using a theme is cheaper than custom website

This is not always the case. Many times themes need to be customized to such a degree that in the end the price far exceeds than just starting with a custom design from the beginning.

2. You need all the information put together before you can get started

Most of the time we simply need the main themes and we can use placeholder text and images to build out the website.

3. The more information on my website the better

Actually is better to have to right information than to have more information

4. There are so many forces or threats outside of our control that are working against our businesses or organizations

It would be a shame to be put out of business by something as simple as a nice website and digital marketing to keep a steady stream of business coming in the front door so to speak. The truth is we don’t know what the future holds and the mindset that “My business is thriving so I don’t need an updated website or marketing” is dangerous if not irresponsible. What if you need to sell your business because of an illness or the economy takes a down turn? What if a competitor comes up with an idea to knock you out of the market? Wouldn’t you want to make sure that you have steady traffic to your website no matter what is going on?

5. If I have a good domain name (name that encompasses my purpose) than I won’t need any digital marketing services

This is simply not true. Google uses many ranking factors to determine how and where a website shows up, the domain name is only one of them. Consistent digital marketing, SEO work, blogging, link building, social media posting, and conversion optimization should all be part of your digital marketing strategy.

If you have a web design project coming up and want to talk with us, give us a call. We can discuss what you do and don't need for your website and help you understand what it means to have a functional design that works for you AND your visitors.

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