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Every Website Needs an SEO Audit

Before building a roadmap for your SEO and marketing, it’s important to know where you are at, and where you stand stacked against your competitors. Many of the “free” SEO audits are nothing more than a company running your site through a single tool or program and sending you the nice report it spits out at the end. SEO auditing tools are great, but they are not a replacement for a skilled analysis of a website. A comprehensive SEO audit means:

  • Content audit

  • Technical SEO audit (including site speed & mobile readiness)

  • Back-link profile audit

  • Comparative analysis of at least 3 competitors

Why should someone pay for an audit? To answer that, let’s take a step outside of the marketing world for just a moment.

  • If you wanted to have a custom house designed – would you expect a free “blueprint” from the builder?

  • If your car isn’t working and you take it to a mechanic – would you expect them to troubleshoot it for free?

The answer is, of course, no. To that end, a comprehensive SEO audit, and the next part - a roadmap to follow - isn’t free either. Both the time spent working and the knowledge used in creating your plan have value for your business. At Atwood Sites, our SEO Audit will not only include a comprehensive report of where you are at, but a clear roadmap of information of “must address”, challenges, opportunities and how to proceed. We will point you in the right direction and will show you which technical errors and toxic links must be fixed to avoid penalties that can affect your organic ranking, and reveals hidden keywords and potential opportunities that may give you a competitive advantage. If you are serious about your online success, take the time to have an SEO audit by experienced professionals that can bring real value to your business and help launch your business to the next level.

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