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Does Your Small Business Need a Website?

Wondering if your business needs a website? You’re not alone. When talking with small business owners, we hear this question a lot. From, “I just need people to come into the donut shop. I'm already on Google Maps” to “My new home inspection business has a Facebook page - do I really need a website?” And this was just in the past two weeks.

Most small businesses need a website - that’s 99% of small businesses. Think about it this way - if someone recommends your company, they probably weren’t the only one. The person looking for a home inspector, gentle dentist, or rocking real estate agent, probably got a referral for more than one small business. The next thing they did? Looked on the web to check out your business. If you don’t have a website, they'll seek out your competitors who do. On the other hand, if you have so much business you couldn’t handle even one more - then no, you don’t need a website. Hopefully you have this dilemma! If not, here are a few things to consider when deciding:

  • If you wish to communicate with broader range of clients/customers, then yes - you need a website.

  • If you want to answer frequently asked questions before a client/customer calls or visits, then yes - you need a website.

  • If you want to attract new customers, then yes - you need a website.

  • If you want to break into new markets and gain market share from your competitors, then a website is a MUST!

Building a website is part of growing your brand, and honestly - your clients/customers expect it. Need help building your website? Let us know!

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