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4 Things You Need to Do Now That You Have a Website

So you have a website, and it looks great. Congratulations!

So....what now? How does a website help grow my service based business? How do I make online sales? What if I'm not seeing anything happening?

Just because you built the website, doesn't mean visitors will come. In fact, if you do absolutely nothing else with your website, you're probably not even going to get noticed.

That's why you need to do MORE, after the website is built.

1. Keep It Updated

Leaving your website to gather dust and grow old is never a good idea. While it looks new, shiny and great takes work to keep it that way. According to Orbit Media, the best companies redesign their website every 2.66 years. However, you don't always need a new design to keep it updated. Instead:

  • Add new products

  • Add new pictures to your portfolio

  • Add client testimonials & customer reviews

  • Create a blog, and post every week

  • Update your services

All-in-all, keep current on design trends so you know when a whole new site design.

2. Analyze Traffic with Google Analytics

Are you getting visitors to your website? Where are they coming from? Take a look at your website traffic with Google Analytics to see what traffic you have, and what you need.

3. Drive Traffic and Increase Rankings with Good SEO

You've probably heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but how important is it? Very! With hundreds of new websites being created each day, it can be nearly impossible to be found. But with good SEO, you can increase your search engine rankings - and in turn get more traffic and visitors to your website.

You can learn more about SEO here.

Atwood Sites also provides SEO and Digital Marketing Services. If you need help, give us a call 📞 480.442.7267

4. Drive More Traffic with Social Media

With over 79% of online adults using Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and other social media platforms - you can't ignore the opportunity to build awareness of your company and brand on Social Media. Carefully choose the social media platform(s) that your customers are using, and start talking about what your company offers and why you're different. Not sure what social media platforms are best? Find out more here.

Once the website is built, the job isn't done. Atwood Sites wants to see you grow and succeed, and we want to partner with you for the long term. If you would like help with your Website, or continued Digital Marketing, give us a call 📞 480.442.7267

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